Purchase of Land and Property

Zoe's Home: Younger Girls Home

We are currently raising funds for the home that will house 30 girls on a permanent basis in a safe environment. The problem with the current government system in Ecuador for caring for these girls is broken. These young girls who are victims of sex trafficking are shuffled from program to program every 3 months. That is, if there is space in another program. If not, they often have no choice but to return to the families that sold them into human trafficking in the first place or give up their innocence again to the system of prostitution. This will be the first house of it’s kind to provide a permanent home for these girls.

Nehemia's Wall

Status: Recently Started

Valeri's Home: Transition Home for Older Girls.

This home will be designed for young women who are over the age of 18 but are not yet ready to transition to the real world. Many of the girls who are stuck in the current system or are recently freed from the world of prostitution lack the skills and education to be able to go to study in a university or obtain a legal job. This home will provide the time, space and opportunities to give these girls the skills and knowledge that will allow them to achieve their dreams.

Living and Learning: Infrastructure Project.

Beyond The Zoe Home and Valeri Home, there is a need to provide the support system on the property to allow the girls to learn, grow, play and socialize in a safe and complete area. The goal is to build activity areas such as basketball courts, a soccer field, jungle gym. This part of the project will also go toward building out activity areas including gardening plots, arts and crafts areas and workshops. This part of the project will allow the property to take final form and feel completely like a sanctuary and place where these young girls and women can develop.