The day to day program at Dunamis includes:

  • Christ-centered devotions for 20 minutes with focus on specific topics applicable to the girls’ day to day life.
  • Two-hour workshops that include teaching how to make tagua jewelry, sewing or computer.
  • We serve a light lunch (sandwiches, snacks, beverages) and the girls interact with each other and the staff and volunteers.
  • Reading Club one day a week.

Fernanda Salinas is in charge of organizing the schedule for each day, leading devotions and supervising all the activities going on at Dunamis. Fernanda is responsible for the girls while they are at Dunamis. The girls we serve come from a local government-supported group home where they stay for just a few months before being transferred to another group home. While they are staying at certain group homes that have an agreement with Dunamis, they attend Dunamis workshops and participate in our activities in a Christ centered environment.

Boris Salinas currently manages the administrative matters, such as, weekly meetings with volunteers, replying to emails, and following up with contacts who are potentially interested in visiting or contributing to the ministry. Boris also takes care of the maintenance of the workshop machines and quality control of tagua pieces.  Lastly, Boris organizes Dunamis’ largest fundraiser of the year, “Freedom Climb” – which raises awareness to the problem of sex trafficking in Ecuador.